CBD Oil and Pets

CBD Oil and Pets

CBD oil has become a hot topic in the media recently. Parents that have children that suffer from epilepsy share how CBD oil has helped prevent seizures. Veterans testify that CBD oil helps prevent their night terrors and alleviate other side effects of PTSD. Patients suffering from chronic disease claim that CBD oil helps alleviate their pain and inflammation. The results speak for themselves. Now, as more people begin to acknowledge and appreciate the benefits of CBD oil, more and more people are asking if its safe. Not just safe for the patients, or the family members, but specifically… is it safe for pets. Interestingly, they aren’t talking about second hand exposure, but instead they want to know if it is safe to dose their pets with CBD oil.

When considering whether or not it is safe to give CBD oil to your pet, it’s important to remember one thing… pets and people have something in common. We are both mammals! Also consider that most of the medical testing done with CBD oil is done on mice and rats, also mammals. There is a simple explanation for this. CBD oil, specifically derived from hemp, affects the endocannabinoid system, which all mammals have. To put it simply, the endocannabinoid system heavily influences the central nervous system, which impacts our entire bodies. CBD Oil helps to keep the endocannabinoid system balanced, which has multiple health benefits… not just for us, but for man’s best friend too. Essentially, this means that Fido can benefit in the same way that you can from the use of CBD oil, as long as it is derived from hemp and not marijuana. (Marijuana can be toxic to pets, so it is exceedingly important to identify the difference.) If your chihuahua has an anxiety disorder, your cat suffers from seizures, or your great dane has arthritis… you may be relieved to discover that CBD oil can actually help resolve these issues. For you and your pet.

One of the most significant benefits to CBD oil for your pet is that CBD oil does not interact with other medications. This means that your pet can continue his current treatment plan while also taking CBD oil. It is also natural, and easy on your pet’s digestive system. It won’t do damage to his liver. There’s significant peace of mind in knowing that you can give your pet CBD oil to calm his anxiety about going to the vet, while still giving him his prescribed antibiotics. If your pet has lost his appetite due to medications, using CBD oil may keep him eating a regularly balanced diet. If your pet gets carsick, you can also safely give him CBD oil and be assured that not only have you reduced the risk of your pet throwing up in your car, but he probably feels better too.

If your pet suffers from any of these problems, then he may find relief with CBD oil.

Getting a pet to take any medication is a challenge though. You may be wondering how you are going to be expected to hold him down and medicate him. The good news is, most of the time you can simply give your pet drops straight into his mouth, and he will easily consume them. As they have little to no flavor, most pets take the tincture easily. However, you can also make your own infused treats, or purchase our dog treats that are already infused with the good stuff. If you have a pet that suffers from boredom or anxiety, placing one of these treats into a treat ball (like a KONG for example) gives him some exercise, some critical thinking, and most importantly, a distraction from whatever may be upsetting him.

It is important to ensure that the brand of CBD oil that you are providing for your pet is derived from the hemp seed, and not from the marijuana plant. The difference is that CBD oil that comes from hemp has lower amounts of THC in it (largely due to legal reasons), which provides a much safer version for your pet. When your pet is exposed to higher levels of THC they may become disoriented, sleepy, as well as other side effects. If any undesirable side effects occur, please be sure to be in touch with your doctor. However, with that said, the greatest risk for pets that consume CBD oil is all of the “other” stuff that goes in with it. Remember, your dog doesn’t like chocolate, and if he eats that while consuming his special treat, it could make him have serious stomach issues.

Ten years ago, the term CBD wouldn’t have been recognized by most people. If someone had mentioned hemp many people would think of the little hemp necklaces that were popular in the late 90’s. Some may even think of stoners and dreadlocks. CBD oil is different though, not just for people, but for our four-legged friends as well. By opening our minds to new possibilities, we can save our pets from many of the horrible side effects that comes with the use of traditional medicine. CBD oil users don’t look like dirty teenagers with long side-burns and incense, they look like moms, dads, grandparents, even teachers. Now, with the introduction of CBD oil that is generated for pets, it looks like users may have four legs too!

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